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1. Lite

This service pack is specially designed for starting micro-enterprises, or single persons (Brochure, events, etc). Has a maximum of 2 page extension.

The Lite pack includes the domain name, and basic hosting. All this is created with the latest web standards, including usability and easy costumer access. The design is totally customizable and based in your project. It includes one language of your choice but it's upgradeable to more.

2. Standard

This service pack is more advanced than the lite one, business oriented for customers with business' needs. 5-10 pages per project.

It includes a domain name and standard hosting. The website is designed so you can showcase your products and services. Created with the latest web standards, including usability and easy costumers access. It's main function is to permanently inform costumers of your business.

Includes 3 minor updates per year (information, media update). One language for you to choose and more upgradeable.

3. Data base Driven (DBD)

A high range business oriented package. This one has infinite amount of pages. So you can showcase your every business's moves and keep not only your clients informed but have fun in the process. You will be able to personally update anywhere with the CMS (Content Management System) in a 24/7 basis.

It includes a domain name and premium hosting. Is created in a way that not only your clients benefit from visiting it, but you. You will be given a code, which you can enter in every visit to check any Aquit Award (prize or coupons). It includes two languages of your choice. So you can reach a broader spectrum of clients.

4. E-nteractive Commerce

With this package you can instantly do business with a click.

It has an unlimited page amount. Includes premium hosting and domain. An updatable Database thanks to the CMS (Content Management System). B2B (business to business) pages, specially for retailers.

As well as intranets and extranets and of course a customizable online store with your very own shopping cart. You will save in personnel!

5. Custom Development and Solution Design

We also develop custom applications for your business. Improving what you already have.